The Trendz Outdoors Story


The original outdoor fire idea came when Charlie Lawry was talking with his nephew, who had built an outdoor fireplace, and they discussed how it would be so much easier if you could buy a fireplace all in one piece, ready to go.  Charlie thought the idea could be a winner, and set out to make a mould. 

After six months of trialing different concrete, testing designs, re-pouring, and designing fireboxes, the first designs were ready for the market.

Since then, the firm has built a client base throughout the country.  Their landscape architect clients in Central Otago wanted a fireplace with a slimline steel flue, as large concrete chimneys obscured the panoramic landscape, and Trendz Outdoors delivered.  

That 'can do' attitude has led to several custom projects for ambitious architects and hundreds of homes across New Zealand enjoying the warmth of a Trendz Outdoor fireplace.

Now one of the top  manufacturers of outdoor fireplaces in New Zealand this family run business has gone from strength to strength in recent years.  From their base in Taranaki they design, manufacture and distribute their fireplaces, catering for massive developments in Central Otago, to a single fire in Keri Keri.  

There's no project too big, or too small for this kiwi company.

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