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Have a burning question about one of the fireplaces? Need to know how you can get one into your backyard? You've come to the right place. In this section, we've compiled some of our most commonly asked questions so you can find the answers quickly and easily. If you don't see the answer to your question here then jump on our website chat or contact us.

Outdoor fireplaces

How much do the fireplaces weigh?

The core weight of the fireplace is broken down into two parts, the shell, and the firebox. The Douglas has a 1300kg concrete shell and the Hudson's is 2000kg. The Mini Burton has a 900kg shell and the Burton shell weighs 1300kg. The steel firebox, which goes in each fireplace, is 120kg. This does not include accessories such as the wood boxes or chimney extensions.

Will the fireplaces smoke out the front?

A lot of time and effort has been put into the design of the fireplaces to ensure that they draw well and put out a lot of heat. You may get smoke out the front if you use wet wood, or if the wind is blowing along the front of the fireplace. Otherwise, we are confident you will not have a problem with smoke.

Will my fireplace need a permit?

In most cases, a permit is not needed but local Councils often have different rules and requirements, which are liable to change at a national level. Contact Trendz to find out the exact rules for your region.

You can also read more about current consents for outdoor fireplaces HERE.

Does the fireplace come with a warranty?

Yes, a 2-year warranty is included with every fireplace we sell. This covers structural cracking. It is typical for hairline cracks to appear on your fireplace however these are expected and are not covered by the warranty.

What is the surface of the fireplace?

The fireplace comes, as standard, as a bare concrete shell. We highly endorse finishing the fireplace, as the concrete finish may not be perfect and to add some extra style to your outdoor area. The fireplace concrete shell, and some wood boxes, can be finished with plaster, stone, schist, steel, brick etc.

The Burton and Mini Burton fireplaces are able to be pre-plastered and painted in our factory before delivery so they arrive in a close to ready fashion.

What are the fireplaces made of?

The fireplaces are precast with a special brew of concrete including fibres to ensure the fireplace will handle the heat. There's also a steel firebox to contain the heat and direct it out to those enjoying the fireplace's warmth. The Burton and Mini Burton have a steel chimney while the Douglas and Hudson use concrete chimneys.

Will the fireplace crack?

It is expected with anything concrete that you may see small hairline cracks and the same can be expected with a Trendz fireplace. Due to the concrete mix design, there will be no structural cracking. The warranty covers this. If there is more cracking than expected this may be due to subsidence in the concrete pad or even seismic activity.

Can I cook on the fireplaces?

Yes! Our swinging cooking grill makes open fire cooking the ultimate al fresco experience. Our Single Peak and Twin Peak fireplaces come with a swinging cooking grill as a standard inclusions but all wood-burning fireplaces in our range can be upgraded to include the grill too. 

Can I have a gas fireplace?

Yes Trendz have the option to add a gas firebox to any of our fireplace models. Do note, gas is more for looks and can't be relied on to provide warmth for an outdoor area.

Can I extend the chimney?

Yes, there are 400mm extension blocks for the Douglas and Hudson and 600mm and 1200mm flue extensions for the Burton and Mini Burton. Check these out on each of the product pages. The only considerations as to the height you can go with these extensions is dependant on whether there will be support or not for the chimney at these extended heights.

What if I want to put a fireplace in an outdoor room?

No problems, we have engineer’s drawings available for this. Contact Trendz for more information.

Can I put a fireplace on a wooden deck?

Sure! However, we recommend a concrete footing is created to the height of the deck to support the weight of the fireplace while offering the look of being on the decked area. Contact Trendz for more information.

What about council regulations?

Councils often have different rules and requirements are liable to change at a national level too. Contact Trendz to find out the exact rules for your region.

What do I get with a standard fireplace?

The standard fireplace includes the concrete structure (shell), and steel firebox. With the Burton and Mini Burton we can also include plastering and painting if you need.

Other accessories are available including wood boxes, concrete hearths, chimney extensions and our swinging cooking grill. Check out each fireplace's web page to see more accessories.

Pizza ovens

What is the finish of the pizza ovens?

All of our pizza ovens come with a plaster finish.

What colour are the pizza ovens?

The pizza ovens are a natural earthy plaster colour.

Can I change the colour of the pizza ovens?

Yes, you can paint the surface of the pizza oven. Be aware that while the outside of the ovens don't get too hot that you will need to choose the best type of paint for their environment.

What can I cook in the pizza oven?

Anything! Each Trendz pizza oven comes with a recipe book to inspire you, should you need it. Example meals include roasts, stews, steaks, pizzas, bread and much, much more.

Can I make my own stand/base for the pizza oven?

Sure, the Bambino Elite comes with a wrought iron stand, but you don’t need to use this. The Grande only comes with a steel frame and looks great built into an outdoor kitchen area or on a custom stand. The pizza ovens are very suitable for your own base. Feel free to check out our gallery or Instagram account for inspiration.

What are the pizza ovens made of?

The ovens are made of a ceramic inner core, insulation blanket, and plaster finish. The insulation is so effective it doesn't take long to heat the oven up and it will stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out.

What do I get with the pizza oven package?

A fully built pizza oven, wrought iron stand (Bambino only), steel frame (Grande only), granite bench (Bambino only), stainless steel pizza paddle, door and recipe book.

Can we leave the pizza oven outside all year?

Yes. If you haven’t used the oven for a few months we recommend lighting a fire for a few hours before using the oven, to ensure it is dried out. Trendz has a sealer available to stop the rain soaking into the oven and it's always worth checking the oven and chimney before lighting.

How many pizzas can fit in the pizza oven?

The Grande can fit up to 3 pizzas at a time and the Bambino Elite can fit 2 pizzas at a time.

How much do the pizza ovens weigh?

The Grande pizza oven is 870kg and the Bambino Elite is 270kg.

How long does it take to get up to cooking temperature?

This depends on circumstances such as what type of wood you're using, when you last lit the pizza oven, and how well your fire is burning. The Grande takes approximately 90 minutes and the Bambino Elite takes around 45 minutes to get to a cooking temperature of around 300°C.

Fire pit

What is the finish of the fire pit?

The fire pit comes with the base components pre-rusted as they are corten steel. The cooking plate is rust-free bare steel.

What can I cook on the fire pit?

Anything! Whatever you cook on your BBQ you can cook on the fire pit. There is an open central fire and the circular surround becomes a hot plate perfect for grilling, toasting, frying and more!

Can I make my own stand/base?

Yes, you can. The base comes as part of the package but you can remove the fire pit bowl and hotplate from the base and put it somewhere else if you like.

What is the fire pit made of?

The fire pit is made of Corten steel. The top hotplate is made of 8mm mild steel.

What do I get when I purchase a Trendz fire pit?

The complete fire pit set up includes the bowl, circular hot plate surround, base and a canvas cover. There are also helpful assembly instructions so you can begin to enjoy your fire pit as quickly as possible.

Can I put the fire pit on a timber deck?

Yes, you can. But to be safe we would recommend you set it on four 500mm x 500mm pavers.

Can the cooking plate be removed?

Yes, it can. Once you have finished cooking you can remove the top plate which will leave you with the large open fire pit bowl which you can stoke right up.

How heavy is the fire pit?

The fire pit, including hot plate, bowl and base weighs 150kg.

How long does the fire pit take to heat up?

That depends on several factors including the type of wood used and environmental circumstances, but generally no longer than 30 minutes.

Does juice drip on the deck when you're cooking?

The fire pit has been designed with a cut around the edge of the hot plate to direct any juices into the fire pit bowl to save these going on your patio.

That might not stop people from dripping their delicious freshly grilled food onto your deck but at least everyone's having fun.


Do you deliver?

Yes, we deliver our outdoor fireplaces, pizza ovens and fire pits all across New Zealand. We even deliver to Tasmania and mainland Australia too!

Is delivery free?

We offer free freight to your nearest depot. We can then recommend a transport company that will get the fireplace or pizza oven from the depot to you using a hiab truck. Our pizza ovens can fit on a standard trailer if you'd like to collect it from the depot yourself and our fire pit can fit inside the back of a large car, ute or SUV.

Accessories purchased alongside a fireplace, fire pit or pizza oven will be included in the free freight to your local depot. Any accessories ordered separately to retrofit a Trendz fire will incur a freight fee.

If you're in Australia, contact us to get a freight price.

How do you get my outdoor fireplace or pizza oven into my backyard?

The hiab will have a crane attached which will be able to lift the fireplace or pizza oven over a fence and into position. In some circumstances, a larger crane may be required to lift the fireplace over your house! But don't worry, it's perfectly safe.

The Fire Pit is light enough for two people to move under most circumstances but care is always recommended when lifting any of our products.

Can I purchase accessories separately?

Yes, you can purchase accessories at any time and these can be retrofit to fit your existing fireplace. Please note though, any accessories purchased separately from your initial fireplace, pizza oven or fire pit order, will incur a delivery fee.

Are your products made in NZ?

Trendz outdoor fireplaces and Fire Pits are designed by Trendz and proudly manufactured right here in NZ. The pizza ovens are manufactured overseas.

Does Trendz exhibit at home shows?

Yes we do! Typically we'll exhibit at Mystery Creek Fieldays, Wanaka A&P Show, Canterbury Ag Show and the Auckland Home Show and will often have a selection of outdoor fires to present.

To stay up to date with where we're exhibiting and our stand number subscribe to our newsletter by using the form found at the bottom of this page.

Can’t find the answer to your question?

Sorry that we don't have the answer you're looking for here. Please feel free to contact us directly and one of our specialists will surely be able to help. You never know, your question might make it here to help others in the future!

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