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Home of Wood burning or Gas FIREPLACES


We've been building outdoor fireplaces for a long time now and have delivered stunning fireplaces right across New Zealand. Many of which are housed in award winning homes. 

We understand that sometimes great isn't quite good enough.  Our great designs often need to become unforgettable and excellent design cannot be compromised.

Thats's why we have built experience working with some of new Zealand's leading architects to co-create fireplace project that amaze the client.  We take our expertise in building highly functional fireplaces, that people love, and combine it with the vision and passion you bring to create something that no-one has seen before.

If you're looking to create an award-winning outdoor feature that creates a warm and inviting experience then an outdoor fireplace is the best way to draw people out and towards the warmth.  We can work with you to create an unforgettable outdoors experience with one of our outdoor fireplaces and a little creative flourish.



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There's no project too big, or too small for this kiwi company. Charlie and Ashley Lawry have a 'can do' attitude which has led to several custom projects for ambitious architects and hundreds of homes across New Zealand enjoying the warmth of a Trendz Outdoor fireplace.

Now one of the top  manufacturers of outdoor fireplaces in New Zealand this family run business has gone from strength to strength in recent years.  Contact them today to discuss your product needs. No questions will go unanswered.