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How much do the fireplaces weigh?

Douglas is 1200kg and Hudson 1600kg for the concrete shell. The steel firebox is 150kg.

Will the fireplaces smoke out the front?

A lot of time and effort has been put into the design of the fireplaces to ensure that they draw well and put out a lot of heat. You may get smoke out the front if you use wet wood, or if the wind is blowing along the front of the fireplace. Otherwise we are confident you will not have a problem with smoke.

Will we need a permit?

In most cases a permit is not needed. Contact Trendz to find out the exact rules for your region.

Does it come with a warranty?

Yes, a 2 year warranty is included with the fireplace.

What is the surface of the fireplace?

The fireplace comes as bare concrete; we highly endorse finishing the fireplace, as the concrete finish may not be perfect. It can be finished with plaster, stone, chist, steel, brick etc.

What are the fireplaces made of?

The Douglas and Hudson are precast, with a special brew of concrete, including fibres to ensure the fireplace will handle the heat.

Will the fireplace crack?

It is expected with anything concrete that you may see small hair line cracks and the same can be expected with a Trendz fireplace. Due to the mix design, there will be no structural cracking. The warranty covers this.

Can the fireplace burn any type of wood?

Absolutely. Although wet wood doesn’t burn very well and may create smoke.

Can I cook on the fireplaces?

The wood burning fireplaces come with a cooking grill to cook on.

Can I have a gas fireplace?

Yes, we offer a gas firebox to replace the standard wood burning firebox. Check it out on the accessories page.

Can I extend the chimney?

Yes, Trendz offers 400mm extension blocks. Check these out on the accessories page.

What if I want to put a fireplace in an outdoor room?

No problems, we have engineer’s drawings available for this. Contact Trendz for more information.

Can I put a fireplace on a wooden deck?

Sure, however we recommend a concrete footing is created to the height of the deck. Contact Trendz for more information.

What about council regulations?

Contact Trendz for your local regulations.

What do I get with a standard Fireplace?

The standard fireplace includes the concrete structure, steel firebox and cooking grill. Other accessories are available.

Pizza Ovens

What is the finish of the pizza ovens?

They are a plaster finish.

What colour are they?

The pizza ovens are a natural earthy plaster colour.

Can I change the colour?

Yes, you can paint the surface of the pizza oven.

What can I cook in the pizza oven?

Anything! Each Trendz Pizza Oven comes with a recipe book. Food includes, roasts, vegetables, stews, steaks, pizzas, bread and more.

Can I make my own stand/base?

Sure, the Bambino Elite comes with a wrought iron stand, but you don’t need to use this. The Grande only comes with a steel frame. The ovens are very suitable for your own base.

What are the ovens made of?

The ovens are made of a ceramic inner core, insulation blanket, and plaster finish. The insulation is so effective, it only takes 30 minutes to heat the oven up and will stay hot for up to two hours after the fire has gone out.

What do I get?

A fully built pizza oven, wrought iron stand (Bambino only), steel frame (Grande only), granite bench (Bambino only), stainless steel pizza paddle and recipe book.

Can we leave the pizza oven outside all year?

Yes. If you haven’t used the oven for a few months we recommend lighting a fire for a few hours before using the oven, to ensure it is dried out. Trendz has a sealer available to stop the rain soaking in to the oven.