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Single Peak fireplace

This statement fireplace boasts the same much-loved features as its Twin Peak counterpart but with a smaller footprint for when the Twin Peak is just that size too big. With a wood-grain concrete finish and an iconic solitary chimney, this mighty fireplace is the focal point that brings al fresco entertaining to life.

Single Peak Outdoor Fireplace

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As a sister fireplace to the Twin Peak, enjoy the same luxury features as its larger counterpart.

Swinging cooking grill
From appetisers to gourmet meals, take grilling to the next level with the stainless steel swinging grill that moves effortlessly in and out of the fireplace. Simply remove when not needed or adjust the height for optimal cooking functionality.

Wood-grain concrete finish
This architectural finish is exclusive to the Twin and Single Peak fireplaces, boasting a raw wood-grain finish to complement any outdoor design.

Steel firebox
The Single Peak fireplace comes with a Trendz T1200 firebox. This has been designed to throw out enough heat to generously warm a large area.

Outdoor fireplace with cooking grill Cooking food on an outdoor fireplace
Trendz Outdoors fireplace - Single Peak

What's included?

  • Prefabricated reinforced concrete structure
     with woodboxes
  • Salt and pepper polished concrete hearth
  • 6mm T1200 black steel firebox
  • Stainless steel swinging cooking grill
  • Black galvanised mesh door
  •  Black stainless steel flue with slimline
     chimney cap (2280h x 380ø)


Dimensions - 3730h x 3500w x 1000d

Weight - 6200kg

Download the 3D design files

Fireplace features

The Single Peak is the perfect outdoor statement. This fireplace comes with an extensive array of premium accessories to take your outdoor area from great to grand. The features chosen for this fireplace were handpicked by some of New Zealand's leading architects to complement the rugged New Zealand landscape.

Wood boxes

Elevate your firewood to be part of the aesthetic, giving your space authentic style that's both tidy and functional with these generously sized wood storage boxes.

Wood-grain finish

This fireplace features the highly sort after architectural wood-grain concrete finish, giving a raw, wood-like texture. This is only available on the twin and single peak fireplaces.


With a salt and pepper polished finish (available too in raw concrete if desired), the solid hearth completes the final look, as well as functions as a buffer for any stray embers that may fall out.

Chimney Cap

The chimney's cowl cap is stainless steel coated in matte black to match the flue. It helps to stop any sparks from flying and keeps rain and debris out of the chimney, lowering maintenance and cleaning costs.

Single peak outdoor fireplace


Can’t find your answer here? We may have already answered your question under our FAQ page.

What does it sit on?
The fireplace will need to sit on a concrete foundation. Engineers drawings for this can be supplied by Trendz Outdoors.
What is involved in the installation?
Trendz Outdoors will manage the installation of the Single Peak fireplace. The team will be happy to discuss this further via request.
How much heat does it throw out?
Simple answer, a lot. When stoked up, heat can be felt up to 6 metres away.

Enquire about the Single Peak

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