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Big in name and presence, the Grande Pizza Oven offers the full wood-fired cooking experience in the comfort of your own home. The engineered concrete single-piece shell delivers even heat distribution that remains contained within the oven for hours on end. Raise your alfresco cooking game with our Grande wood-fired Pizza Oven.

Wood fired pizza oven nz

Pizza oven brochure

Pizza ovens make traditional wood-fired pizzas a treat you can enjoy all year long but they're also good for so much more! From baking bread to cooking a roast, your new pizza oven could become more than just the perfect social centrepiece. 

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Steel stand
The steel stand on castors enables you to store away your Grande when not in use. There is also the option to remove the stand and build the Pizza Oven into a permanent stand to create a feature in your outdoor space.

Cooking accessories
Your Grande Pizza Oven includes a cookbook, stainless steel long-handled pizza paddle and steel door to make cooking your next inspirational meal a breeze.

Pizza oven shell
The thermally engineered concrete shell of the Grande contains heat within the oven and floor, creating an even distribution of heat and ensuring the temperature stays consistent over the cooking period. 

Homemade wood fired pizzas Wood fired pizza oven nz
Pizza oven

What's included?

  • Pizza Oven shell and base
  • Steel stand
  • Black steel door
  • Pizza paddle
  • Recipe book


Dimensions - 770h x 1180w x 1320d

Weight - 840kg

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Grande features

Cooking authentic wood-fired pizzas isn't the only thing a Grande is capable of cooking. From bread to roast meals, your Pizza Oven is the perfect place for you to test your culinary skills. We've packed this Pizza Oven full of the features needed to impress your guests.

Pizza paddle

The stainless steel, long-handled pizza paddle makes manoeuvring and managing your pizzas easier than ever while also being easy to clean. This pizza paddle comes standard with the Grande pizza oven.


A steel door comes with the oven to use when trying to retain heat and to close the oven off when not in use. The angled grab handle also serves as a stand to make varying the size of the opening easy.


The stainless steel flue slots easily into the Pizza Oven and has been designed to draw smoke out while retaining as much heat as needed to get the oven to temperature ready for your first pizza!


A cookbook is included in the oven package to help guide you on how to run your oven and it includes a number of great recipes we recommend trying out.


Additional accessories


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What comes with the package?

The Grande comes as a completely built oven with a steel stand, door, pizza paddle, flue and cooking book.

Can I build my own stand?

Yes absolutely! The Grande only comes with a steel frame and looks great built into an outdoor kitchen area or on a custom stand. The Grande is very suitable for your own base.

How long does it take to heat up?

This depends on what type of wood you're using, when you last lit the pizza oven, and how well your fire is burning. The Grande takes approximately 90 minutes to get to a cooking temperature of around 300°C.

Enquire about the Grande

Looking to add a Grande Pizza Oven to your home? To have any questions answered or for a personalised quote, simply use the form below and a member of the team will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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