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Top pick BBQ dishes you can cook on your outdoor fireplace!

KIWI CHRISTMAS SORTED WITH OUR TOP PICK BBQ DISHES YOU CAN EVEN COOK ON YOUR OUTDOOR FIREPLACE!Growing up in New Zealand, the festive season is an exciting time of year for family and friends. Whether you celebrate at the beach, bach or in the backyard on Christmas Day a BBQ is a good old New Zealand Christmas tradition by firing up the barbecue and staying out of the kitchen as much as possible.

Even though our Christmases are unconventional compared to the Christmas traditions you see in movies, most would agree that Kiwis wouldn't trade the sun and beach swims for cold weather and snow fights.

To most families Christmas is all about spending quality time together and relaxing so minimal stress when it came to the meal preparation and cooking is something most people strive to create. That is why we have selected our top picks to feed the family this year. 

Barbecued mixed potato salad with cornichon dressing

recipes to cook on an outdoor fireplace

This potato salad is topped with a pickled cucumber dressing and creamy sour cream and an easy and simple dish to make outside if you have run out of room in the kitchen.

View the Recipe Here

Lamb and pomegranate skewers

recipes to cook on an outdoor fireplace - lamb dish

You can never go wrong with skewers and how delicious do these look? Marinade juicy lamb fillets in reduced pomegranate juice for an extra boost of Middle-Eastern inspired flavours.

View the Recipe Here

Spatchcocked Turkey with Sage Chimichurri

recipes to cook on an outdoor fireplace - Turkey

Christmas isn't Christmas unless you have a Turkey on the dinner menu. Brine the turkey the night before for a super-moist turkey, prime for barbecuing


Super tasty barbecue prawns

Tasty Barbecue Prawns recipes to cook on an outdoor fireplace

The queen of food herself - Nadia Lim has put her twist on the classic bbq prawns.


Barbecued Bourbon Peach Cobbler

recipes to cook on an outdoor fireplace

Use a cast-iron skillet to cook this delicious dessert directly on the barbecue.


Black & blushing Worcestershire fillet

recipes to cook on an outdoor fireplace

The king of Christmas dinners Jamie Oliver


All outdoor fireplaces in our range can be upgraded to include a stainless steel swinging cooking grill for the ultimate open fire cooking experience. When you purchase one of our Single Peak or Twin Peak fireplaces however, enjoy the grill as a standard inclusion as well as the flexibility of different height options for maximum cooking control.

Whether you're using it to prepare tasty appetisers or assist with the heavy lifting of the main meal you're bound to find a guest that will be happy to ensure the food is grilled to perfection. Because all have a very similar cooking point they require very little maintenance, perfect if you're entertaining at the same time.  Download our  2017 Brochure

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