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Extra large outdoor fireplace

Welcome the Twin Peak Luxury Outdoor Fireplace

When we said we had some big news, we weren’t exaggerating. And here it is.
It’s with great pleasure that we can now introduce to you our largest and most luxurious prefabricated outdoor fireplace ever. Called the Twin Peak, it’s a gargantuan statement of intent. While other fireplaces are a feature, this is a centrepiece.

As one of, if not the largest precast fireplace available in New Zealand, the Twin Peak is in a class of its own. It is, without a doubt, designed to redefine any entertaining outdoor area. With a generous space in mind, this fireplace is grand on an entirely new scale. But this fireplace isn’t just about size, it’s about refinement and style on a level never before seen.

From the iconic double chimney to the full-width polished concrete hearth and wood-textured concrete fascia, the Twin Peak is more than just an outdoor fireplace. It’s a new type of outdoor entertainment.

From discerning homeowners to businesses looking to create a memorable stay, the Twin Peak offers plenty before it’s even been lit. Let’s explore a few of the key features.

Twin Peak large outdoor fireplace by Trendz

The Size

Standing at 3.67 metres high and 4.15 metres wide, the Twin Peak fireplace can effortlessly heat a 7 metre squared space. Designed to let out maximum heat, this fireplace is an excellent addition to any outdoor space, regardless of scale.  With a 1.6 metre wide firebox that’s designed to push the heat out to the gathered guests, everyone is guaranteed to stay cosy and warm for hours on end. The Twin Peak’s large-scale footprint is also guaranteed to stand out as an impressive focal point, making this outdoor fireplace not only a practical addition to an outdoor space but also an impressive one. 

Twin Peak large outdoor fireplace by Trendz

Cooking grill

The cooking grill functionality of the Twin Peak is different to the other fireplace designs in our range due to the large scale of the firebox. 

You can grill anything from delicious appetisers to full-blown meals on this stainless steel grill. What steps it up a notch however is that it pivots in and out of the fireplace for convenience and ease of use.

If standing in close proximity to the Twin Peak, the heat can be enough to cook more than just the food, so the fact that the grill can be swung to the side helps you to keep further away from the fire’s hot embers. It’s safer, more comfortable and just as practical if you want to use your fireplace for more than just ambience and warmth.

Easy to remove when not needed, this handy addition increases the functionality of your fireplace but can be tucked away and out of sight when not in use. Two different cooking heights are available, for flexibility, depending on what you are looking to cook and if you have a large group to feed and need two grills running at once, this is an option also.

Grand outdoor fireplace

Wood-grain concrete finish

The Twin Peak fireplace comes as a fully complete concrete structure with a wood-grain finish. This highly sought after architectural finish can complement many traditional and modern design styles and has been carefully selected for the Twin Peak. Due to its unique style and sophistication, it is guaranteed to suit all settings.

The concrete is professionally poured into specifically designed timber moulds. When the moulds are removed, the concrete shows the wood grain pattern which is imprinted into the concrete giving us this flawless board-formed architectural concrete finish. The use of wood ensures no two finishes are ever the same. This means your Twin Peak is as unique and as individual as your personal tastes, perfect for the homeowner who values individuality in their style choices.

Steel firebox

The Twin Peak fireplace comes with a Trendz T1600 firebox. Designed to emit enough heat to warm a large area generously, the steel firebox is 1.6 metres wide and specifically designed to reduce smoke output to the entertaining area. The double-skinned steel firebox in matte black features a minimalist ember grate to keep the wood inside the fire as it burns down. 

Protect your firebox when not in use by using the mesh door. With minimal upkeep required and conditioned to withstand rust, your T1600 will perform for years to come.

Extra large outdoor fireplace

Twin Chimney

The double chimney design is also the inspiration behind the name ‘Twin Peak’. The size of the T1600 firebox means two chimneys are required to ensure a consistent, even and smokeless draw. This keeps your fire burning more efficiently while ensuring the heat doesn’t escape up the chimney. The function dictates the form with this fireplace while also creating an iconic silhouette not found on any other prefabricated fireplace in New Zealand.

The caps on each chimney are stainless steel and painted matte black to tie in with the stainless steel flues. These caps help arrest any sparks while lit and prevent rain and debris from falling into the chimney, reducing maintenance and cleaning. They prevent excessive gusts of wind from pushing smoke down the flue while enabling the smoke to escape high and away from your entertaining area.

Polished concrete hearth

Polished concrete hearth

The polished concrete hearth is individually cast and polished for each fireplace. The embedded river stones have been specially selected to offer subtle colour tones to compliment the grey and black within the Twin Peak’s overall design. Look closely, and no two fireplaces have the same arrangement of stones or distribution of colours. Just another way that each Twin Peak is unique from any other in the country.

As in this customers fireplace, the polished concrete hearth offers the ability for lighting to be added to create an additional level of luxury.

Built-in wood boxes

Each of the symmetrical woodboxes spans an impressive 910mm high and 700mm wide, enough for many hours of burning. Dry timber burns a lot better, and what better way to keep it dry than by storing it in these mammoth compartments.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Twin Peak design, then we recommend downloading the info pack by clicking on the button below. It contains all the information you’d need to decide if this is the next perfect addition to your outside space. If you don’t need any more convincing and have space for our most epic design to date, then talk to our sales team about this design by clicking here or check out the product page via the button below.



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