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Hottest outdoor trends for 2019

Outdoor trends 2019Summer has been a real treat this year with record high temperatures and sunny days making most parts of the country experience a balmy few months. In this blog, we look at some of the must-have hottest trends for outdoor entertaining as well as the hottest must-haves for 2019.


It is becoming evident that we are seeing less distinction between indoor and outdoor spaces. If an outdoor space is done well, it creates an additional living space for your home. What we are starting to see more and more of is the return of the pergola. Pergolas are one of the oldest styles and structures of outdoor architecture and are still in use today. Many architecturally built homes are installing not only free-standing pergolas but also pergolas that are attached to the house. Either constructed of wood or composite material, pergolas are now becoming more sophisticated. In fact, many come with major upgrades, including roll down windows, space heaters, lighting and sound systems. When paired with a luxury kitchen, seating area or fire feature, pergolas can become an iconic structure for outdoor sanctuaries.

New Zealand companies such as Aurae has a large range of aluminium pergolas used across a multitude of applications. "Today’s pergolas are versatile and add significant value to modern architecture. If you are wanting sunshade, protection from the elements over your outdoor living area or a sharp aesthetic feature then pergolas are worth considering." - Aurae

Outdoor trends 2019
Outdoor trends 2019


Adding technology to your backyard can make your life easier, safer and all round just a lot more fun! As younger generations are becoming homeowners, customer expectations are changing as well. With the new generation comes new technology, that not only makes landscaping less work but also implements ways to save money with those new and improved practices.

Cellphone controlled pools, mood lighting, entertainment software like televisions and outdoor movie screens and even sound systems are all growing in popularity. As the 21st century starts to rely more on computers, smartphones and systems that offset manual labour, in turn, make the work more efficient. For example one of the latest gadgets to hit the market is the lawnmower robot. Just like there are floor cleaning robots for the interior of your home, there is now an outdoor version that will mow your lawn for you, why not remove the worlds most annoying chore from your weekly to-do list.

Outdoor trends 2019 - robot lawn mower

Image: Automower®

Like most technology - those who don’t embrace new technology whether for work, lifestyle and now outdoor living will get left behind.


Out goes the day of Grey and Beige and HELLO to colour! Most furniture brands are now offering a range of textiles in every pattern, texture, and shade of the rainbow. Artists and interior designers have long believed that colour can dramatically affect moods, feelings, and emotions.

Tasteful neutrals will always occupy a special place in our heart, but this outdoor living trend for 2019 is a chance to be bold with beautiful Tasteful neutrals will always occupy a special place in our heart, but this outdoor living trend for 2019 is a chance to be bold with beautiful hues.

Learn more about Colour Psychology: How the Colours You Choose Affect Your Mood here

Outdoor trends 2019 - outdoor fireplace

Edible Gardens

Could you think of anything more enjoyable than reaching over and picking a fresh herb and  adding it to your evening cocktail or to place on your freshly grilled steak or fish (that you’re having in your outdoor entertaining area - of course). Not only are vegetable gardens growing in popularity but we are now seeing a huge uptake in the number of herb gardens appearing in back yards and decks. Even for those that are limited for space are getting onboard with the trend with what they call 'Mobile garden caddies', the patio garden trend version of the indoor bar. Here are the top 10 herbs that are easy to grow at home for fresh flavour.

Outdoor trends 2019 - eatable garden - cocktails


Effective and efficient heating can keep your outdoor area warm and comfortable on cold winter days and even in the cooler nights throughout the rest of the year. Whether you’re entertaining or spending time with family and friends, make the most of the outdoors with moody heating. There are many outdoor heating options to choose from such as an outdoor fireplace, fire pit, gas heater, or a more affordable option the tribal torches. 

Outdoor trends 2019 - outdoor fireplace situated in an outdoor entertaining area

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