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How much does an outdoor fireplace cost?

How much does an outdoor fireplace cost?

If you’re thinking about ways to enhance your outdoor living and add value to your property, an outdoor fireplace is likely to be on your radar. However, with the range of options available, figuring out what it will cost can be challenging.

To help you make sense of it all, we dig into each step of the process and what you can expect to pay. Outlining everything from the foundations and design to delivery and installation — you can find all the details below. 

Outdoor fireplace costs

The cost of outdoor fireplaces varies because there are many factors to consider. If you want to avoid expensive surprises and get a clear idea of what the average price would be, you first need to understand the process of purchasing and installing an outdoor fireplace.

Laying foundations

The foundation of an outdoor fireplace is crucial because it provides a level surface for installation and a solid base to support the full weight of the fireplace unit.

The foundation is usually made with concrete, cinder blocks, and sometimes reinforcement which provides a long-lasting and fireproof structure.  The size and weight of your fireplace unit will determine how strong your foundation needs to be.

For example, the foundations for a small lightweight prefab fireplace would start from $200 if you have the expertise to lay it yourself. A larger more robust foundation would be around $1,500 if you are needing a builder to build it up out of the ground to the level of your deck. 

Due to their weight (from 1,000kg to 7,500kg), outdoor fireplaces cannot be installed on a deck without reinforcing the deck structure. If you intend to position the fireplace on a timber deck, we recommend you get an engineer to make sure it can handle the weight.

Prices of outdoor fireplace units and fireboxes

The fireplace unit or shell typically makes up most of the upfront cost and there are a few key factors that could drive up the price. The size and materials of the fireplace will have a significant impact on how much you need to pay.

A standard fireplace like our Mini Burton could cost around $5,995, whereas a large-scale model, like our Twin Peak, could cost upwards of around $44,995.

The lower prices often don’t include delivery, installation, foundations, or cladding so they might not be as cheap as they initially seem if you’re after something that’s ready to go. So before you commit to one, be sure to get a quote for the entire process.

Delivery or transport

The cost of installation can vary significantly depending on where your property is located and the size of your fireplace unit.

How mch does it cost to install an outdoor fireplace

While we can’t give a specific price point without having more information, all of our fireplaces include free delivery to a local depot but it is the customer's responsibility to organise a local hiab company to lift this into place.

We estimate that a hiab will generally cost you around $180/hour meaning the hiab should cost $360 if you are within 30 minutes of the depot and the truck can get within 15-20m of where you want the fireplace positioned.

Rendering or finishing techniques

An often forgotten factor when installing outdoor fireplaces is finishing or rendering. A lot of fireplace units come as basic concrete shells, without any cladding, brickwork, or stone finishes. These features offer a striking aesthetic appeal, and naturally, they do cost extra.

As you can see in our gallery there is a wide range of options available, from more affordable choices like plaster and paint to more high-end products like river stone or schist. We’re able to sell our Burton and Mini Burton fireplaces pre-plastered and painted, should that meet your design tastes.

For an accurate estimate of the cost of the type of finish you are looking for, it is highly recommended that you speak with a local who is experienced in the type of cladding you intend to use.

Custom cladding any fireplace to get the exclusive look you want can be an expensive task. This means that whatever fireplace unit you purchase, it is imperative that you can make sure that once cladded, it will be able to operate effectively — throwing out plenty of heat as well as drawing well. Nobody wants to go to the cost and effort of applying specialised cladding to something that doesn't do the job.

Ongoing maintenance costs 

Purchasing and installing a fireplace account for most of the cost of a fireplace. And if you get your fireplace cladded, it will keep the fireplace looking a lot cleaner and nicer for years to come.

For plastered and painted fireplaces, we recommend budgeting for repainting every 10 years or whenever you would normally paint your house. With cladding like stone, there is very minimal maintenance required for this. Some suppliers may recommend sealing the cladding if it is a manufactured stone rather than natural. 

With a steel firebox insert fireplace, you may need to give this a quick paint touch-up every 6 months, depending on how much use it gets, to keep it looking in good condition.

Running costs of a fireplace

The main purpose of an outdoor fireplace is to produce heat and ambience but this does require a consistent source of fuel. On average, running costs for an outdoor fireplace start at around $1,000 every year. Of course, these costs will depend on the size of your fireplace, how frequently you use your fireplace, how many hours it’s burning, and also what your access to wood is like.  

The cost of running an outdoor fireplace

Gas fireplaces tend to be slightly cheaper to run, but wood fires are more effective and powerful. So, to ensure you get what you pay for, and can host with style, using hardwoods like dry manuka or gum may be the better option. 

Total outdoor fireplace prices

The full price of an outdoor fireplace will depend on all of the factors mentioned above, but you can expect them to range anywhere from $7,000 to $50,000. Premium fireplaces tend to be more of a long-term investment because they add value to a property, are dependable for decades, and add an epic focal point to your outdoor space that will facilitate outdoor entertaining all year round.

If you’re looking for an outdoor fireplace that you’ll cherish for years to come, then you should investigate the Trendz Outdoors range. You can see the full breakdown of pricing for each of our fireplace designs via our products page, including all the customisation options. All of our fireplace pricing includes delivery to a local depot and a member of the team will happily give you a detailed price estimate to help with your planning. 

For more inspiration and all the details you’ll need to make an informed decision, our outdoor fireplace brochure has all the answers you need. 

*Please note all prices mentioned reflect costs as of August 2022.

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