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Spa pool vs outdoor fireplace: which is better?

Spa pool vs outdoor fireplace: Which is better?

So you’re ready to enhance your outdoor living space. Great decision! Now it’s time to decide what your focal point will be – a spa pool or an outdoor fireplace. 

Depending on your priorities, each option provides pros and cons. Before you settle on one, consider the following factors:

  • Functionality
  • Energy consumption
  • Aesthetics and landscaping design
  • Atmosphere 
  • Durability
  • Maintenance
  • And importantly, return on investment

In this article, we’ll cover each of these points to help you decide which is right for your property and lifestyle. 

Spa pool

Looking to enhance your backyard? A spa pool, hot tub, or jacuzzi, is a popular addition to many outdoor living spaces. With hot water and jets, spa pools make for a relaxing and therapeutic evening spent solo or with friends and family. 

Spa pools are proven to relieve muscle tension and promote better sleep, and can also be an effective way to entertain guests. Some spa pools are equipped with lights, sound systems, and waterfalls to elevate the experience.

Pros and cons of spa pools


  • Eases muscle pain
  • Source of relaxation
  • Improves sleep


  • High maintenance
  • Expensive energy consumption
  • Can only be used for a certain amount of time 
  • Limited number of people can enjoy at one time


Maintaining a spa pool can be expensive and time-consuming. Each spa has different care guidelines but it is generally recommended to give it a full clean every few months. This involves draining the water, removing any debris, wiping the surfaces with an approved disinfectant, inspecting the filtration system, and rebalancing the chemicals. 

On top of that, you should also remove and clean spa pool filters once every week. This ensures peak performance and longevity for your spa pool. 

Every time you have finished using the space, you should replace the cover and check the chemical balance. 

How much does a spa pool cost? 

For a standard mid-range spa pool, we recommend budgeting $30,000 to $50,000. This accounts for the pool itself as well as installation, which often involves some groundwork or reinforced decking. 

The price of a basic spa pool starts from around $5,000 for a basic entry-level spa through to more than $40,000 for a deluxe version. In most cases, it is worth investing in a model that has a built-in circulation system and a good energy rating. That way, you can minimise the running costs and time spent on upkeep. 

The typical running cost for a spa pool is between $30 to $50 per week.


The purpose of a spa pool is to enhance relaxation. The hot water eases muscle pain and improves sleep, while also encouraging the family to spend quality time together. 

Visual appeal

Spa pools can be a bit of an eyesore unless you’re prepared to spend a fortune on landscaping. A popular option is to clad the pool in cedar or plant shelter trees, creating a peaceful and secluded space away from prying eyes. 

Outdoor fireplace

Usually built with brick, stone, concrete, or steel, an outdoor fireplace is a versatile investment for any backyard. While the heat output is powerful, the crackling flames and cooking capabilities also create an unbeatable atmosphere. 

If you want to spend more time outdoors with the people you love, an outdoor fireplace makes it easy. You can stay warm for hours at any time of the year and impress your guests with flaming hot food straight off the grill. 

Pros and cons of outdoor fireplaces


  • Powerful heat output
  • Cooking capabilities
  • Suitable for most outdoor spaces
  • Attractive designs and cladding options
  • Great Return on investment
  • Encourages family time
  • Relatively low maintenance


  • May require council consent
  • Produces smoke


Outdoor fireplaces are relatively low maintenance, especially if you opt for one that is built with quality materials. For example, we recommend applying Rust Inhibiting Penetrating Oil (RIPO) to your Corten steel wood boxes once every 3-6 months. This will form a rust barrier and protect against condensation corrosion.

You may also need to maintain the steel firebox insert by giving it a quick paint coat with a spray can every 6 months to keep the firebox looking in good condition. 

Read our full blog for more advice on how to care for an outdoor fireplace

How much does an outdoor fireplace cost? 

Depending on the design and materials you choose, the cost of an outdoor fireplace can range from a few thousand to tens of thousands. For example, a standard fireplace like our Mini Burton could cost approximately $5,995, but a statement design, like our Twin Peak, could cost upwards of around $44,995.

However, you get what you pay for and investing in a quality outdoor fireplace will also increase the value of your property. It has been proven multiple times by real estate agents around the country that an outdoor fireplace will not only help increase the sale price of your home but also improve the sale time if you decide to move on in the future.


Outdoor fireplaces serve multiple functions, making them a wise investment and clever use of space. First and foremost, a fireplace should produce sufficient heat to maintain a comfortable temperature all evening. The appropriate fireplace size will depend on your backyard so just ask our experts for a recommendation. 

On top of that, some fireplaces also feature a grill rack to cook food. This way, you can easily serve show-stopping meals without having to go inside to the kitchen. For example, our swinging grill is mounted on a hinge, making it safer to access and prepare your food. Check out our grilling tips, along with a Jamie Oliver recipe to make next time you entertain. 

Visual appeal

Outdoor fireplaces are an easy way to tie your backyard together and create an impressive focal point. The wide range of cladding materials and silhouettes seamlessly blend in with any landscaping style. 

Trendz outdoor fireplaces NZ

Who said practical fixtures need to be eyesores? At Trendz, our outdoor fireplaces provide effective warmth, safe cooking features, and stunning design – making the perfect focal point in any outdoor setting. 

They’re easy to install and built to last, keeping your family toasty warm through the seasons. Our designs can also be customised to complement your landscaping style – simply choose your favourite silhouette, cladding, and accessories to match.

Fireplace cladding ideas include: 

  • Plaster and paint
  • Custom schist
  • Custom brick
  • Custom riverstone
  • Mixed materials

Our accessories include: 

  • A swinging cooking grill
  • Polished concrete hearth
  • GRC hearth
  • Corten steel wood boxes
  • GRC wood boxes
  • Front door covers

Want more inspiration? Check out our guide to creating the ultimate outdoor space for more landscaping tips, project inspiration, and industry insights to transform your backyard. 

If you’re interested in an outdoor fireplace, browse our range for your favourite design and contact our friendly team to get started. 

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