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Will I need a crane to install an outdoor fireplace?

Will I need a crane to install my outdoor fireplace?

Installing an outdoor fireplace can be daunting, especially when your property has restricted access or other limitations. If you’re concerned about the delivery process, we’re here to put your mind at ease. 

In this blog, we discuss the key factors involved in installing an outdoor fireplace, including crane reach and other common limitations, providing helpful tips to make the process as smooth as possible.

Outdoor fireplace installation

To determine how your outdoor fireplace will be installed, there are several factors to consider. The most critical of those include: 

Site access

If the location of your fireplace is difficult to reach because of nearby obstructions or distance from the main access points, specialist equipment may be required. However, this doesn’t mean you should give up just yet. 

Typically, our outdoor fireplaces are installed using a Hiab truck (Hiab for short). This is a flatbed transporter with a small lifting device attached. If possible, the truck will drive onto the property, get close to the foundations, and then the Hiab will lift the fireplace into position. 

If access is tight (restricting vehicle size) and you need to lift the fireplace over a long distance (requiring a larger crane) this could present a challenge. If you’re unsure, speak with one of our specialists to discuss your options and get our recommendations for a local lifting company.


Once you have chosen an outdoor fireplace, the next step is to prepare your site. Since most outdoor fireplaces weigh between 1,000kg and 7,500kg, a solid concrete foundation is crucial to ensure that it is safe and stable.

The dimensions of your foundation will depend on the fireplace design itself. We have a range of engineers' drawings available for the foundations for each fireplace model which we recommend following. However, most clients choose to do a base 100mm bigger each way than the fireplace footprint.  

Unfortunately, decking is not a suitable foundation unless it is approved by an engineer and compliant with Building Code standards

Hiab reach

As a rule, the heavier the fireplace is, the shorter the distance it can be lifted. For example, our Mini Burton can be lifted up to 25m provided a suitable Hiab is available in your local area. The Burton and Douglas models are typically limited to 20m, and the Hudson is limited to 10m. For the Single Peak, we estimate 8m and 6m for the Twin Peak.

In some areas, there are Hiab trucks that can lift even further — just ask us for recommendations. It pays to note that the Hiab may struggle to get close to the concrete pad on your property if you’re in an urban area. This may extend the reach distance required for the fireplace to get from the flatbed of the transport vehicle to its final location. This is because the Hiab needs to account for room to extend stabiliser legs.

These are factors only a specialist will be able to accurately determine. Therefore, it’s best that you speak with a member of our team sooner rather than later about this.

Size and weight 

Generally, heavier units require a larger crane, especially when they need to be lifted a further distance.

At Trendz, our outdoor fireplaces are made of precast reinforced concrete with an in-built steel firebox. The weight of the firebox is typically 120kg, depending on the fireplace, while the outer shells range from 900kg to 7,000kg. These units are easy to lift into position and add plaster, paint, brick, or stone afterward. Check out our custom finishes for more inspiration. 

The Trendz installation process

With our prefabrication method, installation of the fireplace can be very quick and simple. See our full installation process below to determine if this is a viable solution for your site: 

  1. Site visit

    Before building your fireplace, a member of our team can visit your site to assess any potential challenges. We will take note of prevailing winds, side and rear access, and the clearance height of any buildings, powerlines, or other obstructions. 

  2. Select your fireplace design and accessories

    Our team will be able to help you select the appropriate fireplace model for your unique situation. Following this, they will also be able to assist you with selecting what accessories you require. These can be wood boxes, hearths, chimney caps, cooking accessories, a door etc.

  3. Foundations

    Before delivery of your fireplace, you will need to install a concrete foundation on your site. Our team will advise you on the required dimensions as well as any reinforcements you need to include. 

  4. Transportation

    The fireplace structure is delivered from our factory to your site via a local depot. With customers in the United States, Australia, and all over New Zealand, our designs are built to endure this process. Your Hiab or crane company will be able to collect the fireplace from the depot and bring it to site for you.

  5. Lifting your fireplace into position

    Once the truck has arrived at your property, the fireplace is lifted into its final position using the Hiab or crane. This can be either by directly lifting off the truck and onto the pad, or in some cases, they can be lifted in over your house.

  6. Securing the fireplace

    To fix the unit in position, you either need to fill the base with 400mm of concrete or bolt the fireplace internally to the ground using the foundation brackets supplied (with selected models). This weighs the unit down, securing it to the pre-installed foundation. At this point, it is safe and ready to use. 

  7. Cladding

    To preserve the fireplace for as long as possible you can seal the bare concrete, clad it, or if already plastered and painted, you will be able to leave it as is. We highly recommend that all Trendz fireplaces are clad or finished in some way.

Trendz outdoor fireplaces NZ

As you can see, when installing a fireplace in your outdoor area there are several considerations about design, specifications, and installation to take into account. To ensure it is a smooth and stress-free experience, reach out to our team.

Our experts have plenty of experience with the installation process and know all the tips to overcome site limitations. If you are interested in an outdoor fireplace but don’t know how to get it into position, we can help. 

With our prefabricated units and seamless installation, you can easily transform your outdoor space into a warm and welcoming sanctuary to enjoy for decades. Ask us for more outdoor fireplace ideas today or explore our range of designs to find the right match for you. 

No matter where your site is, we have the right design for you. 

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